The Power of 10

The Power of 10


Empowering restaurants & mitigating the food crisis

The current pandemic has ushered in a national food crisis that threatens to devastate business owners and consumers across the country. Here in Washington, D.C., many restaurant workers have found themselves without a clear path forward. Even more, the crisis has illuminated and exacerbated existing challenges that vulnerable populations face in terms of accessing food.  

The Power of 10In response, Washington, D.C.-based chef and restaurateur Erik Bruner-Yang created The Power of 10, which is a restaurant industry non-profit initiative that seeks to meet both of these needs at once. Through a partnership with Capital One, the initiative operates under a model that for $10,000 a week, a restaurant can employ 10 staff members and make 1,000 well-balanced meals for those in need. In doing so, this effort is able to keep many unemployed restaurant workers on their feet, while also reaching out to others in need in the surrounding community. 

To date, the initiative has served more than 35,000 meals, and new restaurants across the country have started joining The Power of 10 with the help of continued donations. Chef Erik believes the restaurant industry, already harboring an entrepreneurial spirit and ability to move quickly, is well-suited to create these new systems and effect change. The success of this model is a testament to that idea, and with continued support, The Power of 10 hopes to continue evolving to better serve industry members and surrounding communities. 

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