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Nourishing frontline heroes with fresh produce

Our frontline workers and medical staff are working around the clock to save the lives of our loved ones and stop the spread of COVID-19. With such long hours, many of these medical workers have little time to go to the grocery store or prepare meals for their families. Here at Produce Alliance and Produce Alliance Foundation, we recognized that we had a unique opportunity to alleviate some of these burdens for our community heroes. As a national produce supply management company, we decided to pitch in with our largest asset: fresh produce.

Produce Alliance
Produce Alliance

In order to pivot production to get these fruits and vegetables directly to our healthcare workers, we launched a new effort to make produce boxes. To get this project off the ground, we began forming partnerships with our network of produce growers, distributors, and donors. We’ve also been able to jumpstart this effort through generous donations from individuals around the country. The produce boxes are delivered in a refrigerated truck and are available for workers to pick up after their shifts finish. 

We’ve already been able to distribute 10,591 produce boxes to healthcare workers at 34 different locations across 15 states, but we want these efforts to grow with the support of additional donations. We know that our healthcare workers have a long road ahead, and we’re eager to continue playing a role to remove one stressor for them as they continue to serve our communities.

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