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LifeBridge Health

Baltimore, MD


Transforming spaces to boost PPE production

With the ongoing pandemic, many areas around the country have struggled to keep up with demand for personal protective equipment (PPE). As the usual supply chains have become overwhelmed by needs nationwide, hospital systems have scrambled to ensure they can have enough PPE on hand to be able to protect their workers and provide care to patients. 

LifeBridge HealthPivoting to meet demand in the Baltimore area, LifeBridge Health built up a textile facility within a week’s time. Using one of our buildings in Randallstown, we trained people to quickly sew and fold masks, and later expanded to disposable gowns that used a simple design that we could quickly scale up for production. After getting in touch with Under Armour, who was already working overtime to produce masks, we were able to make our production process even more efficient. Now, we can make up to 10,000 masks a day. 

What started as a push to make sure our hospital system could provide anyone on the ground with PPE has turned into something much greater. More than a dozen hospital groups have adopted our methods and have been cutting the same patterns we helped devise. Our willingness to take on assembly and work with new partners has unlocked a lot of potential and spread across the globe, and we hope it helps others realize what they can do to help their communities combat this pandemic.

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