Hotel Revival distributing food

Hotel Revival

Baltimore, MD


Rethinking what a hotel can offer - shelter, kitchen, food bank

Many in Baltimore have been hard hit as businesses close. At Hotel Revival, we’ve partnered with a number of local community members to understand the emerging needs of the community. We recognize an opportunity here to reach out to individuals facing financial burdens or those grasping for a sense of normalcy.

Quote from Donte Johnson and a photo of Hotel Revival
Hotel Revival

Early in this process, we identified our unused kitchen facilities as assets that displaced small businesses can use. We also identified our empty hotel rooms as an opportunity to house health care workers, police, and firefighters who need a nearby location to rest between long shifts. As these efforts expanded, we partnered up with local businesses—including Kiss Tomorrow Hello, Coastal Sunbelt Produce, and Hungry Harvest, among others—to help gather and redeploy unused food and other goods. We’re blessed to have a great team of employees that has helped us in these efforts.

We continue seeking ways to support our neighbors and are in active dialogue with various constituents to ensure the hotel’s assets directly benefit the surrounding community. Our goal is to grow partnerships and reach more people over time, which is a trend we hope to see spread across Baltimore. We see this collective effort to deploy unique assets for community impact as a key way that we’ll be able to transition out of this crisis and make sure that the needs of the most vulnerable communities are met.

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