Storytelling is powerful, but the Assets for Impact campaign’s goals extend beyond that. We are excited to build on a strong platform of stories in the future to offer trend analysis, insights, resources, and tools to inform scalable solutions and empower individuals to take action.

As Beeck Center fellow Jen Collins wrote recently in The Hill, many businesses and organizations are “throwing out the existing playbook and being creative with their valuable resources to meet community needs.” We have developed an initial set of tactics, principles, and resources to help guide businesses as they navigate these shifts during this uncertain period. 

Key Tactics:

  • Identify community needs. Seek input from those embedded in communities and closest to critical problems.
  • Map your assets. Take inventory of what you can offer, such as property and other physical spaces; employees; and networks. 
  • Match your assets to community needs. Find where your assets can be most helpful and take action, inviting others to join to maximize impact.

Guiding Principles: 

  1. Do not be immobilized by the uncertainty; lean into it
  2. Start small and local
  3. Think expansively about who to involve; don’t let ego get in the way
  4. Act based on the needs of the community 
  5. Share what is working (and not working!) to invite more people in to help and benefit 


Our partners at OpenIDEO are engaged in complementary work through their COVID-19 Business Pivot Challenge. They’ve issued a call for ideas for how businesses of all kinds can rapidly adapt to support the immediate needs of the COVID-19 response, and enable a more just and resilient future. Submit your ideas or inspirations—perhaps inspired by some of the impact stories on this site!—by April 30, 2020 to be eligible for seed funding from the Vodafone Americas Foundation.