Assets For Impact

Harnessing Collective Action To Meet Community Need

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Across the country, people are deploying the assets of their businesses and organizations to meet urgent community needs in response to COVID-19. Individually, each local story is an inspiring example of how assets can be used for impact. When told collectively and elevated into the national conversation, these stories have the power to catalyze large-scale impact, reveal emerging trends, and inform scalable solutions. By showcasing stories of local impact, our goal is to educate and inspire others to take action, too. 

Get involved by exploring the impact stories below, sharing them with your network, and submitting your own story. If you’re interested in making an impact in your own community, we’ve put together a few tips to get you started:

  • Identify community needs. Seek input from those embedded in communities and closest to critical problems.
  • Map your assets. Take inventory of what you can offer, such as property and other physical spaces; employees; and networks. 
  • Match your assets to community needs. Find where your assets can be most helpful and take action, inviting others to join to maximize impact.

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